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Hiring a Death Midwife

Death Midwives are folks from a variety of backgrounds who provide practical, emotional, and family-directed care to the dying and their loved ones. Our work is rooted in the traditional practice of families caring for their dead at home, with their own hands, and in the company of supportive community.

We believe that the ancient practice of personally caring for our dead helps to facilitate peaceful acceptance and healthy grief and mourning. It is a loving practice, one filled with intention, meaning, and memory. Bathing, dressing, and decorating the body are both deeply intimate and profoundly healing. Taking up to three days to sit with your loved one’s body, to experience the support and care of others in your community, and to take your time saying goodbye are all immense gifts that our beloved dead have to bestow.

Death Midwives are available to work in a variety of settings and situations including hospitals, hospice facilities, nursing homes, funeral facilities and, especially, at home. We work in tandem with family and friends, caregivers, hospice workers, medical professionals, clergy, and funeral workers, as appropriate to the situation. Death Midwives fill the gaps and bridge the divides that may exist among the many end-of-life carers before, during, and after the death of a loved one.

Death Midwives provide a variety of support services, tailored with and to the family requesting them. For example:

  • we consult with individuals and families who want to know their end-of-life options
  • we walk folks through the important decisions they need to make to document their end-of-life wishes
  • we teach families how to care for their loved one before and after death
  • we give jobs to folks who show up in support of the dying, wanting to help, but not knowing what to do
  • we sit vigil with the actively dying, providing a comforting presence and holding sacred space
  • we educate the family and loved ones about what to expect as they witness death, and how to recognize that death is imminent
  • we accompany the family to the funeral provider to ensure that their needs and wishes are met with honesty and transparency
  • we facilitate home funerals and create and conduct services/rituals to honor the beliefs and spiritual practices of the dead
  • we provide comfort and resources to the surviving loved ones as they grieve and mourn
  • we help you to say goodbye in your own way and in your own time

Whether you intend to choose a contemporary funeral and burial or you want to select one of the many greener, family-directed, and more participative options available, a Death Midwife provides a unique blend of support, knowledge, and resources to honor and facilitate your end-of-life wishes. To locate and speak to a Certified Death Midwife in your area, view the directory at The Death Midwife.

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