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Planning for death can be difficult, we know. There are so many things to think about, talk about, do. It can be pretty overwhelming. Juggling the practical and the emotional aspects of death brings up all the feels. This is normal, and we’re here to help you move through it.

About Kathy Miller

I was born a helper. As a child, I instinctively knew how to hold space for others, to create the safety and trust that inspired others to confide in me. I just knew that helping others was my superpower. Not surprising, then, that I gravitated toward psychology as a passion and as a career choice. Over the years, my studies, my subsequent work with clients, and my own life experiences have taught me that connection with others — the creation of healthy, happy, and hopeful relationships — is everything.

I’m equally passionate about end-of-life conversation, education, and planning. As a Certified Death Midwife, a Death Cafe and Mourning Tea facilitator, a hospice vigil volunteer, and a skilled advocate, I can help you reclaim your right to a more personally meaningful, family-directed, and environmentally friendlier experience at end-of-life.

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About Marnie Miller

Growing up in a large Irish family, I thought everyone laughed at wakes because that’s what we did. The more I lived, however, the more I realized how unique and special each person’s journey is and how each family deals with unbearable loss in its own way.

Knowing your end-of-life options and having a plan in place to respect your choices is one of the best ways to honor your unique and special journey. As a Certified Death Midwife, a member of the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, an end-of-life documents party facilitator, and a hospice vigil volunteer, I specialize in helping you create plans for yourself, your loved ones, and your pets.

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Planning for Your Death

Talking about your end-of-life wishes with a loved one (and vice versa) can be uncomfortable. It somehow seems unnecessary—morbid, even—to discuss when everyone is healthy. Until someone isn’t healthy, and it’s suddenly too late.

If you’re having difficulty starting the conversation, we can walk you through it. If the difficulty is related to a challenging family dynamic, we can help with that, too.

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Planning for a Loved One’s Death

Good news: Most folks (80%) think that it’s important to have end-of-life plans. Chances are, then, your loved ones will be receptive, even if the process feels awkward. We can help with suggestions on what to say and how to keep the conversation going productively. We can also offer more in-depth coaching if things go sideways.

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Death of a Pet

In some ways, this is the trickiest planning of all to do. Why? Because it’s basically a conversation of one. Yes, you’ll have the guidance and support of your veterinarian and, hopefully, others who believe that pets are family. In the end, though, it’s you and your pet, and you’re making all the decisions. If you need help wrangling the emotions you’re feeling about such a huge responsibility, we’re here for you.

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